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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Calais camps

Watching some of the refugees at the camps at Calais being dismantled by French police, I am saddened to hear some of their stories. Some are trying to escape wars in their homelands.  Surely we should invite some of these people into the UK as genuine refugees.

Others who are only there opportunistically as economic migrants should be turned away from the UK unless we have a real need of their skills. I wonder what the numbers of genuine political refugees coming into the UK would be? Not that many I suspect. If all EU countries also "took in" genuine refugees the numbers would be small and wholly manageable. I think we have to put ourselves in their position and try to think how we would feel.

The UK should be able to decide who comes to settle here, not the EC. I voted Green, but feel strongly the EC has moved too far now. The UK ultimately is the UK, not Brussels.

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