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Monday, 30 June 2014

Sepura shares still good

Again today, shares in my old company are still doing well nudging the 150p mark. At present they are still 149.75p. See .

They are doing well currently, which must be good news for all my old friends who still work there. These days I feel very out of touch with what is going on there. I get no news, just what I read on the net. I see they have launched DMR products and now have base station and systems capabilities again. TETRA terminals was a predictable market, whereas the infrastructure side was a much more convoluted business model. DMR radios will be very tricky as price competition will be cut-throat.

UPDATE 1315z:  Sepura shares currently 150.25p.  Very good.

UPDATE 1900z:  Sepura shares ended the day at 150.00p. Very decent.

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