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Monday, 9 June 2014

"Too busy being Christian" to be Christian?

This phrase, from my sister-in-law rings true to me.  Two of our so called "Christian"neighbours have managed just one visit to see how I am and even that was at OUR invitation.   Other friends have been several times including one couple who have a handicapped daughter who drove a round trip of 4 hours to see me. Some people have been genuinely concerned for me, even people I hardly knew.

It may be these neighbours are just shy (?), but it is not a resoundingly good advert for their faith.  Everything they now do supposedly "Christian" will ring hollow. In reality they would not have had to do anything but it would have been nice to know they actually cared at all. Me thinks they are "too busy being Christian" to be real Christians.

One thing my stroke has taught me is that you soon find out who your REAL friends are. Those you least expect come up trumps whereas those you would have expected to be really helpful are noticeable by their hollow shells.

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