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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Stroke frustration

By now, I was expecting to be just about back to the state I was in before my brain bleed. Instead, I am still far from right. Walking is OK, but I get very giddy when on my feet and moving, and drinks are still problematic.

On the positive side, food is generally going down well (by mouth) and I am NOT giddy seated. I feel that driving the car should be fine. I still feel slightly sick all the time and I tire very very quickly doing the least physical thing. Today I cleaned the car externally, checked tyre pressures, oil and window wash. I was very tired at the end, but I guess several months ago this would have been totally impossible.

People tell me the fatigue will eventually get better. Let's hope all the other negative things improve in the coming months. I just want to be fit again. At one time I was 13st 3lb. Currently I am 10st 11lb, but was just 10st 7lb in hospital. I'd like to get back over 11st soon.

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