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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Stroke update

Now  15 months since my brain-bleed, I still feel "poorly". People who casually see me think I am better than I am inside. When walking I still feel drunk and giddy, I still get tired easily and my liquid swallow and voice are still poor. By now,  I was expecting to be back to as I was before my brain-bleed, but think this is still months away sadly. I am still clumsy and far from my old self.  It is very frustrating for me and my wife, kids and grandchildren.

I still feel progress is being made but the steps are small ones. In earlier months I could clearly see improvements, but now they are small. For example, I think I feel generally less tired, although I still feel totally exhausted at times. My giddiness must be getting better as I can look through a much wider angle when turning my head.

Guess I have to be patient and never give up.

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