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Monday, 19 January 2015

Climate change?

There seems little doubt that our climate is changing, but opinions seem very polarised between those who are very worried by this and those who who see it as little threat. One issue is that the world has, apparently, warmed less than expected and sea levels have risen less than suggested.

I am open-minded, but tend to side with those who think we should consume less carbon dioxide and fossil fuels. If the world became more hooked on renewable energy sources it would be no bad thing.


  1. I think many climate-change deniers simply cannot accept the fact that their current life-styles will change, like it or not. In effect, by not believing in it, it will never happen.. My YL and I do our best to modify our resource consumption, including energy. One reason for my QRP operating with a 3 amp power supply I suppose. I know in the grand scale of things, it isn't much but I just can't sit around and do nothing at all.