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Monday, 6 April 2015

So tired

Narrowboats on the R.Cam
This morning we did a walk totalling about 2km down to Bottisham Lock on the River Cam and back.  It involved climbing over 3 stiles. I just cut our back lawn this afternoon.  Now I am totally exhausted!

Give me an hour and I'll be OK, but cutting the grass was so very exhausting, even with 3 breaks.  In normal circumstances I would have been tired, but today it was a combination of (a) the first proper cut at the right blade height this season, so cutting was extra hard and (b) my cerebellum brain bleed after-effects.

Normally I can manage to cut both front and back lawns in one go, but I was just too exhausted to do the front lawn today. Maybe tomorrow?

Overall, I still think I am mending, but my level of fatigue after most physical and mental effort is still very high.

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