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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thames Estuary airport?

 See .

For the moment, they seem to be rejecting plans for an "all new" London airport in the Thames estuary as Boris Johnson would like. It would certainly ruin bird life in the area.

The argument is that in the future existing airports,even with more runways, will not be big enough. Is that true? The arguments for a "Hong Kong" like solution for the longer term makes some sense. I doubt politicians are brave enough to make such long-term decisions. The environmental lobby will be against a new airport: in the end there may be no choice. Heathrow is a daft airport with poor access and facilities. If starting today, you would not build an airport there.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Boris - London Mayor and soon to be MP?

Boris Johnson comes across as a bumbling buffoon, but actually he is a very bright and intelligent man, probably with a high IQ.  I hope he makes it back to the House of Commons as an MP next year. He would be an asset.

Some are even suggesting that he could become the next leader of the Conservative Party and even the next Prime Minister. His public persona does him little credit. The fact he was re-elected as Mayor of London says a lot.

The last time I voted Conservative was in a local election in 1971. At the moment I am open minded on the 2015 General Election. I shall wait until all parties have stated their aims. Being unlike the recent Euro election, I may need to consider tactical voting. It is a simple vote: whoever gets the most votes in each constituency wins, so small parties like the Greens tend to lose out.