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Monday, 19 January 2015

Climate change?

There seems little doubt that our climate is changing, but opinions seem very polarised between those who are very worried by this and those who who see it as little threat. One issue is that the world has, apparently, warmed less than expected and sea levels have risen less than suggested.

I am open-minded, but tend to side with those who think we should consume less carbon dioxide and fossil fuels. If the world became more hooked on renewable energy sources it would be no bad thing.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Carbon Capture

See .

We seem to be sleep-walking into the future with no real attempts to move away from a carbon based energy economy. Oil and gas are very heavily subsidised I believe in many western nations, so there is no imperative to make a switch to more sustainable energy sources. This being so we need to either change (fast) or move to measures that will mitigate the effects of high carbon use.

The UK looks to have been granted EU money (300M euros) to support a pilot project (see BBC report linked). This takes CO2 from coal power station emissions and buries it under the North Sea. If successful, CCS could be a useful technique as we make the switch to a lower carbon energy economy.

 We tend to forget the positive side of EU membership.