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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Strictly Come Dancing BBC1 TV

See .

Like many men I suspect, I watch this with my wife.  Frankie very much reminds me of my wife Lis when we first met.  Frankie is also a very good dancer, so most weeks I go online and give her 3 votes. Voting online is totally free, whereas phone votes are charged.

Years ago, I used to ballroom dance with my then girlfriend Ann. These were special times, long ago now.  I still treasure those days, even though I have been happily married to my current wife since 1971. Somehow ballroom dancing was with Ann, and only Ann. I want that to remain so.

I have not really ballroom danced since the 1960s. These days I am still too ill to dance because of my cerebellum brain bleed in September 2013. This has been a strange year and I shall be glad when I am better again. Life is still hard.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Strictly Come Dancing

When a teenager I enjoyed ballroom dancing with my girlfriend Ann. It is very many years since I have danced. I really want to keep those memories as they were.  We made a good dancing couple.

These days, I watch "Strictly" on TV, but pretend not to! I hope Frankie wins as I vote for her most weeks on-line for free. Lis votes by phone.  Frankie looks a bit like my dear wife Lis when we first met. Frankie is a good dancer, of course.

"Strictly" is a "feel good" programme, ideal to cheer you up. I never take it too seriously. It is the nearest I come to reality TV.  I absolutely abhor "Big Brother". Every time I have (accidentally) watched small parts people are either sleeping or arguing. I just do not see what fun it is to watch.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Strictly Come Dancing

Is this a women's show? My wife seems totally blown away by this. I enjoy watching this as a background whilst doing something else. I am afraid I just cannot get that excited by this. As a teenager I enjoyed ballroom dancing, but that was a long time ago.