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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Israel and Palestine

In my view violent actions rarely result in long-term peace. No doubt the Israeli reaction to recent violence will be yet more violence.

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Israel and Gaza

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Surely Israel wants to be treated fairly and so do the Palestinians. It is in BOTH sides best interest to negotiate a fair and lasting peace. The war that basically started the current mess was fought in 1967 when  I was doing my A-levels and now I have retired! Surely it is not beyond both sides to jaw, jaw not make war, war?

There are precedents for warring parties to make peace - South Africa, Northern Ireland for example. The endless cycle of violence does no good at all and just makes hate stronger. Make true and lasting peace and let's have mutual respect. Both sides are different: accept these and make a lasting settlement. It both frustrates and puzzles me why the cycle of violence goes on and on.  No-one wins.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Palestine - Israel talks, where next?

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Peace talks seem to be deadlocked, yet again, begging the question of just how to get these 2 sides around a single table involved in meaningful discussions on a long term peace settlement.

The sad thing is both sides need this but seem unable to take the bold steps required, especially Israel. The Palestinians are not blame free either. Think how history will remember you if/when you succeed.

Please, cast the past aside and make real peace for once - you know it makes sense. Years of war and  uncertainty does no-one any good. Think about all the benefits a good peace treaty would bring.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Israel - are they ALL mad?

BBC link corrected.

Israel totally baffles me.

You would have thought the nation would realise it needs good relations with its neighbours for its long-term security. Instead they seem hell-bent on upsetting the Palestinians. Already treating the Palestinians as non-people with no rights  for years and years, it has now said peace talks  (a real joke) are off if the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation goes ahead.  See .

Israel, please realise you need to make peace and not war unless you want to live forever in a state of insecurity.

Israel's position is strengthened by the ongoing support of the USA.  Surely the USA must become more even-handed in the Middle East. It chooses its friends for its own vested self interest.    The USA is a plutocracy not a true democracy.  From Wikipedia, " In modern times, the term is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to societies rooted in state-corporate capitalism or which prioritize the accumulation of wealth over other interests."  Is this not the USA?

The Middle East issues could so easily be fixed with a true will for peace on all sides. The precidents of N. Ireland and S. Africa give me some hope. Nations and individuals can and do change.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Israel and Palestine

Isn't it sad that people can't live peacefully together? In Northern Ireland (Ulster) an attempt is at last being made to forge a new beginning with people who were once sworn enemies trying to get along with each other for a greater good. Attempts by a marginalised few to derail the process have not succeeded and I hope they never will.  Even the Rev Ian Paisley seems a changed man. This is the stuff of true statesmanship. Incidentally, I note that a lot of the ground work leading up to the settlement was done by the Quakers, always a quiet, unsung force for non-violence and peace in the world.

In the Middle East the long drawn out conflict between Israel and the Palestinians continues with periodic eruptions of hatred and violence on both sides. My knowledge of the post WW2 settlement in the region is weak but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why, two generations later, they cannot arrive at a peaceful agreement on statehood that is good for everyone. I read on the BBC website that a one state solution, with both Palestinian and Israeli people sharing equal rights in one state, is on the table again. It should be possible to make this work with trust and good will on all sides.  It takes an act of great faith to make geo-political solutions work, so I wish them luck and good judgement.

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