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Friday, 23 October 2015

Park and Ride

Our young grandson and my wife at the Newmarket Road "Park and Ride"
Today we went into Cambridge to visit the Dinosaur Museum (Sedgewick Site) and John Lewis for a snack with our younger grandson. We used the "Park and Ride" bus for the last part of the journey as we can use our bus passes and it saves worrying about the city traffic and parking. In John Lewis we treated our grandson to some Lego too. At the moment I have a blue disabled badge and am able to park in the disabled spots.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cambridge on a winter Tuesday

Bridge Street, Cambridge
Every Tuesday I travel into Cambridge for my weekly U3AC course called "Digital Maps in the Computer Age".  I am enjoying the course very much.

Cambridge Punts
Usually I drive to the "Park and Ride" car park at Newmarket Road and get the bus into town. The U3AC course is at the U3AC headquarters in Bridge Street, which is about 30m from where the punts are on the River Cam. From here you can punt right up via St John's, Trinity, Clare and Kings College. The secret is not to leave your punt pole behind. It is easily done. Luckily the Cam is not too deep.