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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Yet another stroke artifact?

Something else I have noticed is I find it harder to spot spelling mistakes. In the past spelling mistakes were obvious: words just shouted out as wrong, but these days I find I struggle more to even realise the spelling is wrong. Sometimes it is my keyboard but more often it is my inability to spot the error. This is I'm sure an after-effect of my cerebellum brain bleed and not old age.

Also, I tend to forget some things. I may have posted something along these lines before! If so, you may have read this already in the last few months - please accept my apologies. Thankfully, my intellect is still sharp.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

More stroke artifacts

Yet another stroke artifact seems to be an inability to spot spelling mistakes as easily as before. Sometimes it takes me ages to think how a word is spelt (or is it spelled?). Often it is hours (or days) later that I notice the mistake! In writing this short piece I made at least one mistake whilst writing it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


One of the after-effects of my cerebellum brain bleed seems to be an inability to quickly spot spelling mistakes. In the end I tend to notice these, but often long after an email has been sent. As an example, I had "an" instead of "am" in an email sent this afternoon. It really is not that important, but I seem slower to pick up this sort of mistake than before.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Stroke and spelling

About  19 months after my cerebellum brain bleed and operation I am still far from right. My symptoms that I had last year are still there although, on average, I feel a little less tired than I did. Some days are still bad and I feel totally exhausted.

My other issues are feeling drunk when walking (but I do not fall), poor speech and poor thin liquid swallow. These have improved very little if I am honest. Life is still very hard and I find stress harder to cope with. I still feel unwell and still a long way from my old self.

One thing that I am attributing to my stroke is poor spelling. It is not that I make lots of mistakes but rather it seems to take longer for me to realise when I have made an error. Some of these are keyboard typos but some are genuine errors that I am sure are a more recent thing.

An example: yesterday I really struggled with "bare" and "bear". There are other examples but in the past these would not have been a problem. Also, I find I am more forgetful too. Although my wife can remember who has called to see me in the past, I sometimes forget who has, and has not, called, say last year. A few weeks ago I posted something on Twitter but I have no recollection of doing this, at all.

Overall,I still feel in a bit of a fog.  Oh for my old self!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Spelling mistakes

It is taking me a long time to discover some of the subtleties of my stroke last year. Some after-effects are very obvious, but others more difficult to discern.

I am finding that I am quite slow to notice spelling errors in my blog posts. Usually these get corrected but on my other blog I had a spelling mistake in a title for most of the day before I spotted it! I think my intellect is fine, but I do seem to have more problems with spelling and short-term memory.