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Sunday, 31 August 2014


Our next door neighbours held a BBQ today starting at 12.30pm. We stayed until about 3pm. It was a lovely event and we got shown around their recently renovated, and greatly extended, bungalow. They have a huge garden which includes an orchard with plums and apples.

Iceland volcanoes

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It is now 3 years ago that we visited Iceland. It was a very lovely country and much greener than we expected with lupins in bloom all over the place. Volcanic activity is a constant threat and nearly wiped out the country a few centuries back. Today the threat is just as great, but now the implications for air travel could be substantial right across Europe. A big eruption could also result in severe winters and summers in Europe.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Grandchildren - all four

Last Tuesday we had all the grandchildren together and I took this photo of them all outside our local windmill.

It is incredibly hard to get them to sit still for a photo and this was about the best I could manage! Little Lucinda was just about to run out of shot!

They range in age from 2 to nearly 7 years old (left to right) .

Listening to the church bells

Since he was very little, our elder grandson (now 6.75yrs) has been fascinated by church bells.   Last Sunday morning he and his little sister (3.5yrs) were staying with us on their own. We discovered them next to the open garden door sitting on a couple of chairs listening to the church bells.

Cambridge United and Plymouth Argyle football teams

Although not a great football (soccer) fan, I  watch the League Division 2 tables avidly to see how these two teams are doing.  Plymouth Argyle had a decent season last year and Cambridge United have just been promoted back into the league after being out for several years. One is a Devon team and Cambridge is our local team.

Stroke frustration

By now, I was expecting to be just about back to the state I was in before my brain bleed. Instead, I am still far from right. Walking is OK, but I get very giddy when on my feet and moving, and drinks are still problematic.

On the positive side, food is generally going down well (by mouth) and I am NOT giddy seated. I feel that driving the car should be fine. I still feel slightly sick all the time and I tire very very quickly doing the least physical thing. Today I cleaned the car externally, checked tyre pressures, oil and window wash. I was very tired at the end, but I guess several months ago this would have been totally impossible.

People tell me the fatigue will eventually get better. Let's hope all the other negative things improve in the coming months. I just want to be fit again. At one time I was 13st 3lb. Currently I am 10st 11lb, but was just 10st 7lb in hospital. I'd like to get back over 11st soon.

Brain tumour boy

See .

As someone with experience of brain injury, I do hope they find this little boy very soon before his feed batteries run out.  He is probably being fed by liquid feed into his tummy and the pump, if similar to the one I had, is usually mains powered but it has batteries that last maybe 24 hours.

UPDATE 1334z: It may be the family is in Marbella, Spain.  I also read that they expect the tumour to regrow and it may then be inoperable. He may only have a few months to live. What a tragedy for all involved.

UPDATE 2125z:   The little boy has been found in Spain.