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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Last gym session (for now)

Outside the Newmarket gym
Today was my last day at the gym in Newmarket as part of their "Active For Life" programme.  I have been going twice a week, most weeks, since May. Although my stamina is better, I don't think my balance has improved much. From next week I am attending a weekly U3AC course in Cambridge so will do a fair bit of walking to and from the bus stops. I am hoping to drive to the "Park and Ride" site when again allowed to drive the car.

Rovio (Angry Birds creators) to cut jobs

Rovio (Finland) who make the famous Angry Birds game are to cut 130 jobs (16%) of its workforce. Angry Birds is very addictive game!

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Lynsey de Paul dies

The singer/songwriter Lynsey de Paul has died in her mid-60s from a suspected brain tumour. She was most famous in the 1970s.

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Sepura PLC

My old company, Sepura, continues to "hold its own" with shares holding their ground.  Although they have fallen back from their peak of over 150p a share earlier this year, they are hovering around the 140-142p a share currently, which is just above the price at which they were floated about 12 years ago.

With both TETRA and DMR products they have a good future with a world-wide market.

UPDATE 1605z:  Shares in Sepura ended the day at 140.5p.

UPDATE 3.9.14  2245z:   Shares ended at 141.0p.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

David Cameron's speech today

Well, I think it very unlikely I shall vote Labour in the General Election next year.  I have voted labour several times in the past. I don't like Ed Milliband (at all) and he left out vital parts in his recent Labour Party conference speech on the deficit and immigration.   At the moment, I am inclined to vote Conservative as they seem to have the better policies. I wish the Conservatives were less "toffs" though. In truth,whoever gets elected will have a tough time. I am not voting UKIP.

The difference between the 2 main parties is really not that great. As a "first past the post" election, tactical voting will be called for. I'd like to vote Green but think this will be a wasted vote in a General Election.

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Car tax discs - not needed from today

As of Oct 1st 2014, it is no longer necessary to display a car  tax disc in the window of your car in the UK. Using computer records, enforcement officers can use registration details to check if a car is taxed and insured.

But apparently the on-line tax system is falling over. See .

Burwell Museum

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Well worth a visit and a local museum that "punches above its weight".

Always lots to see and do and ideal for children with lots of "hands on" things to enjoy.