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Saturday, 2 April 2016

UK Football

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The English Premier League seems more to do with money these days with many players and managers from outside the UK. I can understand this but feel sure we have untapped talent. The lower leagues are less glamorous and get far less TV coverage.

When it comes to football I admit to being a "fireside fusilier" in that I'm gunner do this or that, but rarely go to a match. I follow the fortunes of Plymouth Argyle and my local team Cambridge United and check where they are in their League (League 2). At the moment Plymouth are doing quite well and have a chance of automatic promotion at the end of the season. Cambridge are also doing pretty well too.

UPDATE 1557z:  71 minutes in Argyle were 1:0 up. In the end they lost 2:1. Had they won, they would have had a very good chance of automatic promotion, but they threw it away.

CCS Concert in Cambridge Tonight

A final reminder that my wife's concert is at the Leys School, Cambridge at 7.30pm tonight, April 2nd 2016. The venue is a new one and tickets are available on the door if you don't already have any.

Thunder later?

At the moment it is lovely here with a clear blue sky. Not many hours ago, they were forecasting heavy rain and thunder for here later tonight. We will see.

April Fool

Although I quite enjoy the humour is some April Fool articles I am quite glad we are now April 2nd: any articles today are serious and could be true, whereas on April 1st one can never be quite sure.

Many of the great ideas turn out to be jokes if published on April 1st. All I can say is caveat emptor. It is quite common to be caught out with many serious replies to obviously spoofs. The trouble is you are often not quite sure.

In the past I have been taken in and sometimes good ideas are taken as spoofs.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Meal out

Cheese at The Packhorse Inn, Moulton, nr Newmarket
My wife and I with the medieval bridge behind
We have our Best Man (nearly 45 years ago!) staying with us and he treated us for lunch out today. We went to the Packhorse Inn at Moulton near Newmarket. Yet again the food and service were excellent. We have now been there 4 times and not once been disappointed. I can highly recommend this place, which we found by accident as the pub in the next village was closed. Judging by the numbers of people at lunchtime, this place is on the up.

Aldi Low Cost Mini Brench Grinder


Steve Wigg (a radio friend) has just bought a mini bench grinder from Aldi for £26.99. This is only available in their stores and not online.

Aldi stores certainly have some low cost items, presumably made in China. At some point we will have to pay for these low prices.

FTSE 100 sliding?

I see that the UK share index, the FTSE 100, has fallen quite sharply this morning. The last time I looked it was 6093.16 down 1.32%.

UPDATE 1646z:  The index recovered somewhat during the day and ended up 0.47% down at 6146.05.